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The #1 reason you should hire Ken Carson

Ken Carson can improvise. 

Brilliantly. Instantly. 

And that’s the best reason you should hire him.

Of course, no one wants anything to go wrong during an event they produce. But in the real world, things don’t always work out as we plan. Guests of honor are sometimes late. Computers used in presentations sometimes freeze up. So do people being interviewed. Such problems can bring an event to a grinding halt. 

Ken Carson is the ace mechanic that keeps your event moving forward. Because of his vast experience, he’s literally “seen it all,” and knows exactly how to respond to relieve the awkward tension that glitches inevitably bring. His lightning-fast wit keeps people laughing, relaxed and patient while a technical problem is fixed. His natural empathy puts tongue-tied interviewees at ease. 

If you hire Ken Carson for your event and nothing goes wrong, you’ll think you made a wonderful choice. If something goes awry, and you see how Ken handles it, you’ll know you made the absolute best choice.​